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New Deputy Sheriff’s Association charitable organization serves children and youth.

San Antonio, TX — The Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County (DSABC) has rebranded and reorganized its Benevolent Committee, the nonprofit, charitable arm of the organization, into “ACT,” which will promote social, charitable, and educational activities benefiting children and youth within Bexar County. Through the ACT, Bexar County Deputy Sheriffs and Bexar County residents and businesses are able to give back to our community and instill a community-wide spirit of benevolence, goodwill, integrity and mutual respect. ACT consists of three primary programs/initiatives:

• YOUTH SPORTS ACTION. Serving economically-disadvantaged children and youth, this initiative pays that child or young person’s entry fee for a local youth sports league.

• ACT FOR COLLEGE. Any high school student who is looking to attend college or university and who is an immediate family members of an existing Bexar County Deputy can apply for an ACT Scholarship.

• ACT MENTORS. Volunteers who want to give back to our community’s at-risk youth can receive training and become an ACT Mentor and mentor a young person currently detained in our county’s juvenile detention center.

The ACT programs and initiatives are made possible through the support of the DSABC and its members, individual monetary and volunteer contributions from Bexar County residents, and local business and corporate sponsorships. ACT welcomes the support of any individual, business, or other organizations interested in making a meaningful contribution to Bexar County Deputy Sheriff s and economically disadvantaged members of our community. Support can come in the form of a monetary contribution or dedication of time and effort to one of our community-based programs. To get involved or to make a contribution, please visit:

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