Act Mentors Can Change Lives.

Having been established in 1972, Bexar County’s Volunteer Services program focuses on helping the young members of the community. This program serves the purpose of volunteerism with the primary goal of organizing a suitable combination of dedicated volunteers to work with the troubled youth of the county with minimal cost to the taxpayer. Those willing to offer their services to the community’s at-risk youth can become act. mentors and help mentor a young person currently detained in the county’s juvenile detention center. By working through the Bexar County Juvenile Department “Volunteer Services,” volunteer mentors would be matched with a youth member who needs a responsible, thoughtful adult role model, one who can direct them towards the right path. Mentors are required to visit with their mentee for at least one hour per week, or 4 hours monthly. The match would last approximately one whole year. As a mentor, you would participate in recreation, educational, and social activities that both yourself and your mentee are fond of. Since adolescence is a time of uncertainty, not receiving emotional support and guidance may lead a youth member to make wrong and harmful decisions. Participating in this program grants the opportunity for the troubled youth of this community to overcome such challenges and become healthy, productive, and impactful community members. To learn more or apply please visit

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