dsabc initiatives

ACT welcomes the support of any individual, business, or other organizations interested in making a meaningful contribution to Bexar County Deputy Sheriff’s and underserved members of our community. Your support can come in the form of a monetary contribution or dedication of time and effort to one of our community-based programs. Please contact us to discuss the best way for you to make a difference!


Any child who is economically disadvantaged and wants to play in a sports league in Bexar County can apply for a scholarship. Scholarships will be paid directly to the league and not the applicant. Scholarships will only cover the entry fee for the sports league, such as, but not limited to CYO, Little League, Pony League, Pop Warner, etc. At no time will the fund be obligated to any monthly fees to a sports league only a one-time donation for entry fees.


Any child who is an immediate family member of an existing Bexar County Deputy can request scholarship funding for their child. Any child wishing to be considered for Scholarship funding must submit an application no later than April 30th in a calendar year. A determination will be decided by the committee no later than June 30th of that calendar year.

act mentors

Volunteers who want to give back to our community’s at-risk youth can be an ACT Mentor and mentor a young person currently detained in our county’s juvenile detention center. Working through the Bexar County Juvenile Department’s “Volunteer Services,” this program matches a youth who is in need of a responsible and caring adult role model. Mentors are required to visit with their mentee for at least one hour per week, or 4 hours monthly, and the match is for one year. Mentors participate in recreational, educational, and social activities of interest to the mentee and the mentor. To apply or for more information, please click the button below to be directed to the Bexar County Juvenile Department’s Volunteer Services.